Conditions Treated


Conditions Treated


Here at The Ashby Clinic we can assess and treat a wide range of conditions. Whether you have an acute (recent) or chronic (longer standing) problem we can help!


Acute injuries need to be managed carefully to prevent further damage and allow a safe return to activity, minimising the risk of reinjury.


Chronic problems require a different approach. Don’t be put off seeking help, even if you’ve had treatment, injections or even operations before. With the right approach, even problems that have been there for many years can be successfully managed.


There are so many conditions and situations where physiotherapy can help, from your head, right down to your toes  –  far too many to list!

However, most conditions will fall under one of the following:

Acute back pain (and sciatica)

Chronic back pain

Sports injuries

Running injuries

Muscle, ligament and tendon strains, sprains and tears

Fractures (broken bones)


Neck pain

Trapped nerves

Joint pain and injury


Rehab following orthopaedic surgery

Our job is to work out what the problem is, why it is there and choose an effective way to deal with it!

Covid-19 Update
We are open for face-to-face appointments, or video consultations, as appropriate following current Covid-19 guidelines.